Dimitris Karapanos

Web developer living in Paris, France.

I'm a mid-thirty web developer from Greece living in beautiful Paris. My core programming languages are PHP and Javascript. Currently in love with Laravel and Vue.


I have been translating business requirements into code for almost a decade now. Some of the skills that I picked along the way are:

Mentoring and helping developers to grow.
I've worked for several years as a lead developer and had the chance to collaborate with some great people. I split my time between coding, conducting code reviews and providing guidance to my team. I work closely with the product people to translate their needs into technical requirements.
Autonomous and experienced working in remote environments.
I have led projects from start to finish. From frontend and backend, to setting up CI/CD and organizing the development flows. Worked in agile environments and scrum methodologies.
Strong analytical point of view.
From identifying the problem to deciding on the best solution I've helped in discovery, conducted multiple interviews with domain experts and led the engineering part.
Sensitive about UX/UI design.
Worked closely with designers to create and maintain design systems. Familiar with atomic design principles and tools like Storybook and Figma. Still learning about web accessibility and semantics.
Domain-Driven Design.
Eric Evans changed my whole perception about programming. If my code speaks the same language as your business then I did my job right.
Excellent knowledge of object-oriented programming.
Worked with various MVC frameworks in my career; I have strong knowledge and understanding of OOP principals.


In my career I had the chance to work with multiple tools and technologies. Some I enjoyed, some I still try to forget.

Having said that, currently I rock with:

Flask Git Inertia.js Laravel Livewire MySQL Nuxt PHPUnit Pest PostgreSQL React React Native Redis Sentry Tailwind CSS Valet Vue


I love martial arts. From a young age I have been practicing boxing and participated in several competitions.

I try to find some time to train, to compensate sitting at a desk all day long and starring on a screen.

I also like to ride my bike in the city for my every day commute and for longer rides.

Love to travel and I try to do at least two big trips each year.